Rainbow Six Siege Ladders are open!

We are pleased to announce that Rainbow Six Siege Ladders are open.
We have prepared for you separate ladders for Europe, North America and Poland regions:

R6S Secure Area 5on5 - EU
R6S Bomb 5on5 - EU
R6S Hostage 5on5 - EU

North America:
R6S Secure Area 5on5 - NA
R6S Bomb 5on5 - NA
R6S Hostage 5on5 - NA

R6S Secure Area 5on5 - PL
R6S Bomb 5on5 - PL
R6S Hostage 5on5 - PL

Welcome to visit ladders page to check allowed map list and ladder rules.
Are you bored? Add your clan and join the fun!
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Rainbow Six Siege coming to Clan League. Game relase on 1 December 2015. After that we will prepare rulles and open ladders. Any interested clans in this upcoming title feel free to sign. More info about game on our R6S portal: http://rainbow6.com.pl (only in Polish language).
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1. Register account
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(Your registration was successful!)
Confirm registration on incoming mail.
(Your account have been activated!)
2. Login
3. Create your team
*create team
4. Add your members
*my teams
a) click on your team name
b) choose: edit members
c) Add new member: type ID number of registered member of your team (insert member ID)
How to find member ID? Click: Search (main menu), choose Member and click: search
Full list of registered users on site will show up. First section to the left its ID number.
Invited user will get notification: You have been invited to join XXXXXX.
*notifications (1)
he choose: accept and go
5. Join to the ladder
Choose ladder you want to join.
Choose JOIN, your team and join.
Wait for admin approve. After admin approve your team will appears in the table and you are ready to go.
6. Start ladder competition.
In the table, with each clan on the right side it is an icon (challenge clan).
Choose your opponent and make challenge. Type proposed clan war date, your map and server info if you have one.
Challenged clan will get notification about incoming challenge:
notifications (1)
Challenged clan accept (or not) challenge, choose the map he wants to play and confirms (accept challenge).
After clan war go to the:
*open matches
type clan war score, cw screenshots, comments etc...
Other clan has to accept (or not) the score.
In case of conflict when both clans can't agree with the score start Match conflict ...
more is coming ...

[wersja po polsku]

1. Rejestracja konta
(Your registration was successful!)
Potwierdzamy rejestracj? kllikaj?c w link aktywacyjny w mailu.
(Your account have been activated!)
2. Logujemy si? na stronie
3. Dodajemy swój klan
*create team
4. Dodajemy cz?onków do klanu
*my teams
a) klikamy na swój klan
b) wybieramy: edit members
c) Add new member: wpisujemy nr ID zarejestrowanego na stronie cz?onka naszego klanu (insert member ID)
Jak sprawdzi? numer ID? Klikamy: Search (menu g?owne) potem wybieramy Member i klikamy: search
Pojawi si? lista wszystkich zarejestrowanych na stronie graczy. Pierwsza rubryka od lewej to numer ID
Dodany gracz otrzyma powiadomienie: You have been invited to join XXXXXX.
*notifications (1)
wybiera: accept i go
5. Do??czamy do laddera
Wchodzimy w ladder, w którym nasz klan chce bra? udzia?.
Wybieramy JOIN, wybieramy klan i join.
Czekamy na akceptacj? admina. Po zaakceptowaniu podania do??czenia do laddera przez admina Twój klan pojawia si? w tabeli laddera.
6. Rozpoczynamy rywalizacj? w ladderze
W tabeli laddera przy ka?dym klanie po prawej stronie jest ikonka (challenge clan).
Rzucamy wyzwanie wybranemu klanowi. Wpisujemy proponowan? dat? klanówki, wybieramy map? na której chcemy gra?, ewnetualnie dane servera itd.
Po zatwierdzeniu wybrany klan otrzymuje powiadomienie o nadchodz?cym wyzwaniu:
notifications (1)
Zatwierdza (lub nie) wyzwanie, podaje swoj? map?, na której chce gra? i zatwierdza.
Po rozegraniu klanówki wchodzimy w:
*open matches
i wpisujemy wynik klanówki, wrzucamy linki do skrinów, komentarze itd
Drugi klan potwierdza wynik klanówki i awansujemy w tabeli. W razie konfliktu gdy oba klany nie zgadzaj? si? co do wyniku wybieramy opcj? Match conflict ...
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